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LHBS: Looking back 2014-2015 achievements

In the academic year 2014-2015, LHBS had gained more outstanding achievements in teaching and learning. These gains continued affirming an advanced education model that founders who established LHBS was a right choice.

* Remarkable achievements

According to the LHBS Management Board, the remarkable achievement in 2014-2015 was that the School continued maintaining provincial-level good student accomplishment. The School had three students participating in provincial-level good student competition, winning One Third and Two Consolation Prizes. This was so respectful since LHBS was the only non-public school which its students won prizes at 2014-2015 provincial-level contest.

Dr. Do Thi Lan Dai - Chairwoman of Board of Trustees - Principal of LHBS awarded certificates of merit to excellent students of 2014-2015 school year.

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Yen -  Leader of English Genre said equipping students with English language was always paid special attention by the School. Therefore, this subject had been more increasingly invested than humans and facilities. Besides Vietnamese teachers, LHBS invited foreign teachers to directly teach students. That was the reason why LHBS always gained high prizes at English contests organized by the Department of Education and Training.

Last year, eight students won One First, Two Second and Five Third at provincial-level IOE contest. Nine students entered the second round at provincial-level TOEFL PRIMARY contest. Three students entered the second round at TOEFL JUNIOR contest. The School had 202 students who were qualified for English proficiency to get English certificates of Cambridge University in England.

Thanks to devoted and enthusiastic teachers and new teaching methods, past year, Secondary and High school groups had 86 students achieving Good level, 221 students achieving Fair level while Primary level had 138 Fair students. According to the School Management Board, students' quality was seriously evaluated, which helped parents follow their children's progress.

Attaching special importance to enhancing teaching and learning quality, LHBS offered many extracurricular activities to train skills for students. At Provincial Robot Contest 2014, Nguyen Ly Quynh Nhu - Class 9A excellently won First Prize while Tran Dang Quang and Nguyen Nhu Ngoc won Two Consolation Prizes. The School was also presented certificate of merit for achievements in Youth Month 2015.

* Precious lessons

As said by the School Management Board, these were encouraging achievements. These were great efforts made by scientific and devoted teaching staff. It should be mentioned that scientific class arranging method, modern facilities and equipment offered to students were always cared and invested by the School.

Vice Principal Khuong Van Quang shared the School arranged maximum 25 students a class. Therefore, teachers could closely follow their students and weaker students would be tutored more. He added some students who lost basic knowledge from the beginning could keep pace with new program after one semester or one year. They weren't afraid to go to school any more but felt enthusiastic.

Ms. Trinh Ngoc Huong - Parent said when her child was newly transferred to LHBS, she felt a little worried. After one semester, however, her child was clearly progressive. In 2014-2015 school year, the child achieved Fair level. The most obvious change that Ms. Huong felt was her child wasn't under pressure and afraid to go to school, instead of activeness in study.

Some features about LHBS

- Established in 2011 by People's Teacher Dr. Do Huu Tai, Chairman of Trustees Board - Principal Dr. Do Thi Lan Dai

- 2013-2014 school year: Six students achieving provincial-level Good. 100% students graduating high school program and wining Consolation prize at National 2013 with smart dustbin robot...

- 2014-2015 school year: Three provincial-level Good student prizes, eight provincial-level IOE prizes. 202 students getting Cambridge University's certificates of English, One First and Two Second prizes at provincial robot contest...

By Diem Nhi - Trans. by Hien
Lac Hong Bilingual School, 12/20/2016 - 15:31:40

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