Extra Activities

Introduction about Extracurricular programs

LHBS extracurricular program includes many various and diversified activities, helping students comprehensively develop physical and mental aspects, aptitude and necessary skills in life.

Học sinh Song Ngữ Lạc Hồng

Sports clubs: focusing on physical training, improving courage, team spirit for students through clubs such as swimming, basketball, karate, artistic gymnastics ... instructed by teachers coming from Dong Nai Children House.

Các CLB Thẻ dục thể thao của Song Ngữ Lạc Hồng sau giờ học

Các CLB Thẻ dục thể thao của Song Ngữ Lạc Hồng sau giờ học

Artistic clubs: focusing on educating esthetic, creativeness, aiming to create a healthful playground, helping students confidently show their aptitude through clubs such as fine arts, dance sports, music, photography .... taught by teachers from Dong Nai Decorative Fine Arts College, Thanh Tam Music Center , Dong Nai Dance Sport Club.

CLB âm nhạc, dã ngoại Song Ngữ Lạc Hồng

CLB âm nhạc, dã ngoại Song Ngữ Lạc Hồng

Outdoor activities: LHBS often organizes outdoor trips or outdoor activities in order to help students contact the reality, discover the environment, train skills like situation solving, communication skill, group working, time management ... creating practical experience through relaxing and useful trips.

Tham quan dã ngoại sinh thái, thực tế của học sinh

Festival activities: To celebrate big holidays, LHBS regularly organizes festivals such as Mid-autumn, Halloween, Christmas, Vietnamese Teachers' Day, New Year, International Women's Day, Youth Union Anniversary ... Combining with major events and festivals, the School holds emulation activities about culture, performance, sports, food, make-up ... helping karatedo students actively respond big holidays.

Lễ hội Haloween khối mầm non Song Ngữ Lạc Hồng

Biểu diễn kỹ năng sống, sự kiện Song Ngữ Lạc Hồng

Biểu diễn kỹ năng sống, sự kiện của Học sinh Song Ngữ Lạc Hồng

Special programs: LHBS monthly organizes talks, seminars, propagandas suitable for students' ages such as traffic safety, school laws, career orientation, reproductive health, friendship – love, school violence ... in order to provide students with appropriate knowledge to prevent negative agents and uphold positive agents.

Thường xuyên tổ chức các buổi chuyên đề ngoại khóa cho học sinh

Social activities: In addition to sports, aptitude, festival activities.... LHBS holds social and charitable activities to helps difficult children under many activities such as raising money, saving money, collecting wastepaper ... These social activities help students shape humanitarian spirit, as well as property saving and protection.

Các hoạt động xã hội từ thiện của học sinh Song Ngữ Lạc Hồng

Coming to LHBS, students will be perfected aspects - Morality, Intelligence, Physicality, Beauty and developed totally personalities.