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LHBS presented Tet gifts to remote students

Following the success of Lunar New Year 2016 occasion, more than 150 officials, teachers, staff, students and Parent Representative Board of LHBS together organized a program entitled "Xuan yeu thuong" (the beloved Spring) to exchange and share with poor students in Phu Ly and Ma Da communes, Vinh Cuu district.

Principal Do Thi Lan Dai presented Tet gifts to students of Bau Phung Primary School.

LHBS members visited and awarded Tet gifts to three schools namely School branch 3 - Suoi Tuong of Ma Da Secondary School, Phu Ly Primary School and Bau Phung Primary School.

Meaningful trip

Overcoming over 70 km and two hours from Bien Hoa city, LHBS delegation was not tired but so excited. Especially, on the way students had made many questions about the three schools and circumstances  of students there.

LHBS students were so excited to bring Tet gifts to Vinh Cuu district's students.

Tet gifts LHBS bringing to remote students included cake, milk,... and scholarships and many valuable gifts awarded by the School Management Board.

The program "The beloved Spring" launched by LHBS had raised over VND 100 million collected from Raising clay pigs movement. In addition, the program received great support from parents, especially Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong - Member of Parent Representative Board for her numerous contributions.

Vu Ngoc Tuan - student of LHBS shared he had joined in many outdoor activities and charity programs, but that was the most meaningful and interesting trip he had experienced. He felt touched when knowing that Bau Phung Primary School had many poor and difficult students.

While Dieu Van Phi - Chơ Ro People - student of Phu Ly commune Primary School was pleased to say he was very happy to make acquaintance with students of LHBS for their fist visit. Especially he received a Tet gift and a scholarship presented by LHBS student and the Principal, respectively.

LHBS students sat beside Bau Phung Primary School students.

According to the Bau Phung School Management Board, officials, staff, parents and students were so happy with gifts and money donated by LHBS. This precious help acts as a motivation for them to overcome difficulties.

Education from loving and sharing

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuat - Vice Principal of LHBS said "Through the beloved Spring program, we want to educate our students humanitarian spirit, responsibilities, share with difficult and underprivileged circumstances. Meeting and feeling the reality, I believe that our students will find themselves luckier than other students in remote areas because they are studied in a modern school and loved by their parents who creating best conditions.

With practical teaching method, LHBS can be confident to bringing not only knowledge but also experience to love. This is the thing parents wish their children to be educated.

By Huong Nguyen - Translated by Hien
Lac Hong Bilingual School, 01/11/2017 - 14:39:03

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