About Us

Overview of LHBS

Lac Hong Bilingual School (LHBS) is an inter-level education system from K to 12 based in Dong Nai province. LHBS in an area of nearly 2 hectares is the first bilingual school located in the center of Bien Hoa city and has been in operation since 2011. Since established, the School has taken every effort to provide the modern society with students who are good at not only scientific subjects but also English proficiency. 

LHBS also offers dormitories to students who register to take full-time study. 

The School is easily accessible via public or private means of transportation. LHBS has modern and convenient facilities with spacious classrooms, laboratories, library, IT labs, music rooms, swimming pool, sports courts,... creating the best learning environment for students.

Besides competent education managing staff, the School maintains teaching staff fully qualified with years of teaching experience. 100% teachers are qualified and trained in Education background. LHBS is often pivotal to increasing and maintaining effective education quality, developing study-communication skills, encouraging confidence, independence, dynamism, creativeness, advanced information technology, providing safe and immersive learning environment.

LHBS will be the best choice for parents who wish their children to achieve high academic results to prepare for high education, English proficiency for study abroad, IT kknowledge for research doing, recreative skills for comprehensive developement as well as all aspects....