Bilingual training program

In addition to the Vietnamese curriculum, LHBS offers its students Bilingual English Program which plays the key role in its training program. With the motto "Vietnamese culture - International Vision", Bilingual English Program equips students with not only language knowledge but also culture, tradition of countries in the world in general and English speaking ones in particular. Accordingly, students can apply that knowledge to communicate and introduce Vietnamese culture to the world.

Lac Hong Bilingual Program always cooperates with big publishers such as Oxford, Cengage and Pearson to provide learners with diversified and newly updated materials.

Lac Hong Bilingual Program has been investing in online English programs such as I-Learn and English Central in order to help students practice more English skills like listening, speaking,... besides direct learning with Vietnamese and foreign teachers at classes.

In the coming time, LHBS will establish E-Library which supports teachers and students in searching topics in Vietnamese and English.

Lac Hong Bilingual Program also encourages its students to register international exams such as Cambridge English exams, IOE Online English Contest held by the MOET.

LHBS is confident in its Bilingual English Program which can help students get higher education with study abroad programs in the future.

Bilingual Division – LHBS