Primary-level program

Primary-level Education Program

1. Implementing the schoolbook program set by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET)

2. Program:

- Applying MOET's curriculum in force;

- Teaching all day, 35 periods a week (morning: 4 periods, afternoon: 3 periods);

- Extra English program with 6 to 8 periods, leaning with native teachers.

Teaching staff - Teaching methods

- Teaching staff graduated from Primary Education;

- Student-Centered Teaching Method, developing students' activeness, applying theory - practice teaching.


- The number of students who passed Primary-level graduation exam achieved 100%;

- The number of classes increase to 11 classes with 257 students (the first school year had one class with 17 students);

- The School will increase to 17 classes, as expected in 2015 - 2016 academic year including grade 1 with 6 - 7 classes.

Primary students join in Drawing contest themed Vietnamese Teachers' Day - November 20.

Organ club of primary students.

Học sinh tiểu học trong buổi học trực tuyến i-learn sinh động

Primary students attend the class of I-learn Online Program.

Students learning I-learn with Smart Interaction Board.

Dancing item performed by primary students at Parent Congress 2014-2015.

Students learn English with foreign teachers.

Convenient and sanitary dining room for primary students.